Follow me as we use Laravel to build everything but the kitchen sink!

With these easy to follow video tutorials, I'll teach you how to build all sorts of functionality for your Laravel applications, while covering a lot of the pitfalls and restraints that you're likely to encounter while on the job.

All you need to get started is some basic knowledge of PHP, a passing knowledge of Laravel and an affordable Kitchen Sink Academy subscription!

I'm interested!

What can you expect from The Kitchen Sink Academy?

Transparent Decisions
Because each lesson is loosely structured, I'll be exposing you directly to the decision making process.
Limited Packages
There are many great packages out there, but I'll only be using those that are absolutely necessary and can't be done without!
How, Why & What
In each lesson I'll cover how the code works, why I'm doing it like that, and what Laravel does behind the scenes.
Everything & Anything
There's no feature too big, I'll be building everything I can possibly imagine and showing you how each feature works together.
Refactoring is a big part of being a developer, so I'll be revisiting code from other lessons and refactoring as we get further into the lessons.
Living Codebase
Each lesson will build upon the codebase from the previous lesson, introducing new challenges and restrictions as I go.
I'm not going to cut out any mistakes or errors, I'm going to go through and debug right there, because everyone makes mistakes.
Have your say
I'll be looking to you to help decide what features you want to see, and help me shape the Kitchen Sink Academy to be the best that it can be!

How much will it cost?

£8 per month
  • Approx 2+ hours of footage per Lesson
  • Automatic tracking of lesson progress
  • Vote on lesson features/topics
  • Full code download for each lesson
  • Free month for every referred user that subscribes


The first lesson will be free, so sign up and I'll let you know when it's available!